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Quality chainsaw sharpener

Save on buying a new chainsaw with this ingenious invention that restores its life and functionality in seconds

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From blunt to sharp saw in just a few minutes!

This ingenious sharpener will make your saw super sharp and ready to do any cutting with ease.

Extend the life of your chicken

The old and worn-out saw blades will shine again in full splendor and pass through the wood like through butter.

Sharpen the saw in just a few moments

The cleverly designed sharpener is made so that anyone can use it! It uses the power of the grinder and allows you to sharpen the saw in just a few minutes.

No buying new chains

Thanks to this quality sharpener, you will be able to breathe new life into the chainsaw and thus avoid buying a new one, which will save you money.

Increase work efficiency

A sharp saw is the key to a job done quickly and accurately, so you will double your productivity.

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Safe to use

The sharpener is designed to be completely safe and easy to use, so it can be used by absolutely anyone.

Easy sharpening

Ease of use makes it the No. 1 sharpening tool. All you need to do is connect it to the drill and run it over the blade.

For all chains and serrated blades

You can use this sharpener for all types of saws or serrated blades, so you will be able to solve all your needs with one tool.

Portable and lightweight

A fully portable and lightweight sharpener fits in any bag or tool box so you can carry it with you everywhere.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Tried and works, thanks for the fast delivery.

Mark - Newbridge

My father used to always sharpen the chains himself, but I`m not that professional. This is a more modern version for me though heheh

Conor - Galway

Anyone who uses a saw needs this

Jack - Waterford

Quality TillerX chainsaw sharpener

Save on a new chainsaw 💁‍♂ with this ingenious invention that restores its life and functionality in seconds 👌

67.98€ 33.99€

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customers recommend!

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TillerX is a special tool for sharpening chains and serrated saw blades. It is mounted on a grinder.


Metal, plastic


7 cm x 5 cm

Package Contents:

The package comes with 1 sharpening adapter, 1 wrench and 3 sharpening attachments

67.98€ 33.99€