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Elegant summer hat Siena

A modern straw hat combines comfortable wearing and an attractive look for walking the hot summer streets or sunbathing on vacation.


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Modern and complete protection from the sun`s rays

The clever design provides excellent sun protection without disturbing your field of vision! It is also modern, practical and functional.

A trendy hat that suits everyone

Get ready for sunny days with this cool and quality hat! The unusual and trendy look of the hat will perfectly fit any face shape.

It adapts to each head

The hat is adjustable in size to fit any head circumference. It is easily and quickly adjusted with a rubber that is not visible during wearing.

Suitable for all outfits

It is ideal for walks on the sea and swimming on the beach. The romantic bow on the back gives it a more refined look, making it suitable for more elegant combinations as well.

Superior sun protection

A must-have fashion accessory is the best and most effective sun protection. The wide brim blocks the sun’s rays protecting your face and neck.

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3x  15€ /pcs.

Product photo in 360 °

High quality enriched with smart design

Practical and modern, it is a must-have fashion accessory for all trendsetters who love comfort and quality.

No sweating under the hat

Under this hat your skin can breathe. The opening at the top ensures the scalp breathes, while the breathable material lets air in and prevents sweating of the face.

Always carry it with you

The flexible model is easy to roll up, so it doesn’t take up much space in the bag! You can always carry it with you and have modern sun protection at all times.

Adapted to all occasions

It is light, flexible and comfortable, which means that it meets all the conditions for wearing it all day on the beach, working in the garden or walking for several hours.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Unlike other hats, I don`t sweat under it, which is a big plus.

Rachel - Newbridge

Live is even more beautiful.

Sarah - Bray

It`s always in my bag and when I need it I just unpack it and it`s ready to use. Totally cool;)

Ellen - Waterford

Charming fashion accessory with complete sun protection
  • Smart design
  • Modern and trendy
  • Quality and breathable material
  • No sweating under the hat
  • Adapts to any head circumference

Effective and modern protection

Whether you are looking for quality sun protection or a fashion detail for your summer style - this hat with a romantic bow will suit you perfectly!






Modern and quality hat of smart design




Beige, dark pink, light pink, dark blue, brown


Adjusts to all head circumferences with rubber.


When dirty, wipe the hat with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry.


Although made of quality material, careful handling of the hat is advised to avoid damage.


The hat is flexible, easy to roll up and takes up little space.


Store in a dry place, away from direct heat.


Stock: Available

+ Postage

100% satisfaction guarantee

Delivery within 1 to 2 days

Free and quick delivery

Package: Siena



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