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Sawster - Compact chainsaw sharpener

Save on buying a new chainsaw with this ingenious invention that restores its life and functionality in seconds

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From blunt to sharp saw in 5 seconds!

Get the job done quickly and effectively - this ingenious sharpener will make your saw super sharp and ready to do any cutting with ease.

Even when you are in the field – the sharpener is always close at hand for sharpening the half-chisel profile chains

It is adapted to fit easily in your tool belt or box, so it will always be at your fingertips, whether you are working in a workshop or in the field.

Easy sharpening even if you use the saw occasionally

Sawster The sharpener is used both by professionals and those who pick up a saw only occasionally. Ease of use makes it the No. 1 sharpening tool.

Be the most efficient in your business

Without big tools and processes - sharpen the saw in a few minutes. Without wasting time, increase the efficiency of your work and prove yourself to be the best.

Portable, lightweight and secure

The fully portable and lightweight sharpener has a locking system for complete safety.

Product photo in 360 °

Sharpen the saw without risk of injury

The cleverly designed sharpener is made so that anyone can use it! The grindstone is housed in plastic armor so you won’t even touch it, and you’ll sharpen the saw.

No buying new chains

Breathe new life into the chainsaw and avoid buying new chains with this sharpener.

Save money and time

With your own sharpener, save the money you spend on sharpening and the valuable time you invest in these jobs.

Suitable for sharpening different types of chains

This sharpener sharpens chains with a semi-chisel profile, while it cannot be used to sharpen standard chains. Solve all your needs with one tool.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Tried and works, thanks for the fast delivery.

Lauren - Ennis

My father used to always sharpen the chains himself, but I'm not that professional. This is a more modern version for me though heheh

Sophie - Galway

Anyone who uses a saw needs this. We only use it on the cottage, but again we are tired of wearing it on sharpening. I think this will take me years.

Conor - Bray

Very efficient sharpener. Just as presented on the site.

Jack - Waterford

Sawster - Compact chainsaw sharpener

🆕 Save on buying a new chainsaw with this ingenious invention that restores its life and functionality in seconds 👌

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Sawster is a special tool for sharpening a chainsaw, which consists of a plastic shell and a grinding stone.


Plastic, aluminum


21 x 14 x 3.5 cm


The sharpener is used to sharpen half-chisel profile chains, it is not compatible with standard chains



39.98€ 19.99€

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