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Nestly - Sound wall clock

Charming and melodious melodies are an addition to this watch that will brighten up your everyday life for you and your family!

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The singing of birds in your home

Bring a beautiful bird song into your home! At every full hour, another bird will sing to mark the time.

It shows time in a special way

Unlike an ordinary, boring watch, this one measures time in a fun way and brings a touch of nature into an enclosed space.

Does not interfere at night

The watch has a sensor so the sound effects are turned off at night so it doesn’t interfere with rest and sleep.

Ideal for learning to distinguish bird singing

With this watch you will very quickly learn to distinguish the singing of birds, which will make going to nature even more interesting.

Educational for kids

It is stimulating for younger children because they can easily learn that, say, it is time to go to school when the gazebo is announced, because it is then 11 o`clock.

Product photo in 360 °

It relaxes and makes you happy

One of the wonders of nature, the singing of birds, relaxes and makes you happy with pleasant sounds, which you will especially appreciate after a hard day`s work.

An eye-catching wall decoration

A modern-style wall clock with this sound accessory will attract the attention of guests. You can use it as a central decoration on the wall of any room.

More interesting than other watches

Arrange the space with fun details like this watch, much more interesting than ordinary, already seen clocks

Colorful illustrations of birds break the monotony of the walls

An authentic model of a clock with vivid illustrations of birds with its color "breaks" the monotonous colors of the walls.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Everyone in my family loves nature and animals so we liked the watch right away.

John - Newbridge

I bought it for a friend, a bird watcher, I hope he likes it.

Rebecca - Bray

With a watch like this, you don`t need an alarm or a reminder. At 10pm the sounds are automatically turned off so it doesn’t interfere with sleep.

Jack - Carlow

Sound wall clock Nestly

🆕🆕 Charming and melodious melodies are an addition to this watch that will brighten up your everyday life for you and your family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😊

53.98€ 26.99€

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Nestly is a sound wall clock that marks the time with birdsong announcing the full clock.



Time display:

Analog and audio


34 cm x 34 cm x 4.2 cm



53.98€ 26.99€

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