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MrStylor - Lightweight shoes without laces

Discover the ease of stepping without sacrificing style with MrStylor! These lightweight, practical shoes guarantee maximum comfort throughout the day. With their minimalist design, they easily fit into various clothing combinations and are a great choice for business and leisure occasions.

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Steps as light as clouds

Forget about uncomfortable shoes! MrStylor Sneakers are a modern solution for foot comfort and fit fantastically even with serious clothing combinations.

Modern, minimalist design

Due to its modern line, MrStylor it will easily fit into any occasion and clothing combination. Serious enough for business meetings and chic enough for evening out!

Exceptional comfort even after long wear

The hectic pace of life may be the worst enemy of your feet, but that`s why it`s MrStylor! Comfortable soles guarantee you comfort even after a whole day on your feet!

Practical and incredibly lightweight

MrStylor Sneakers aren`t just practical to put on and take off - they`re so light you`ll float on the go! Those who have tried them claim that this is the lightest footwear they have ever worn!

Great for walking, driving and everyday activities

MrStylor Sneakers are extremely gentle on the foot, but strong enough to do all your usual activities. Due to their rubber sole, they are especially comfortable to ride.

Modern and practical design, for the needs of modern life

From early morning to late evening, MrStylor it will stylishly keep your feet from getting tired! These sneakers are the best proof that comfortable shoes don’t have to be ugly in design.

Light and comfortable

MrStylor You literally won`t feel your shoes on your foot! A rubber sole and EVA foam insole will ensure hours of comfort while wearing. Soft eco leather will make sure your feet breathe, all day long!

Modern and popular

The minimalist design of these shoes is increasingly popular among both the younger and more mature generations. This model has only been gaining in popularity over the past year. No one can resist the simple line and practicality of MrStylor shoes!

Easy to combine

MrStylor are designed to subtly compliment serious business combinations, but also to be worn on more relaxed occasions. Once you put them on, you won’t separate from them!

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Honor your feet with a unique shoe model for maximum comfort and breathability - for long working hours and numerous steps. Materials: Upper - Eco leather; Insole - Canvas fabric; Sole - Thermoplastic rubber
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Technical specifications:


Comfortable eco-leather shoes with rubber soles and EVA foam insole


Upper - Eco leather; Insole - EVA foam; Sole - Rubber




40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


1 pair of MrStylor shoes in the selected size


They are intended for wearing in dry conditions, at temperatures higher than 10 ° C.

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