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Morena- Luxury women`s watch

An impressive watch of original and unusual design that shows all the innovation of modern watchmaking.

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A watchmaking creation of contemporary appeal that follows the latest trends

Standard watches will go into oblivion once you put this masterpiece on your wrist.


It emphasizes your originality and style

This luxury model represents a bold departure from boring everyday life and a unique stylish stamp.

An impressive watch worthy of attention

The renowned edition of the luxury watch exudes enchanting beauty and is a masterpiece of watchmaking worthy of admiration.

Keep up with trends

With this imposing watchmaker that has shaken up the watch industry, you will be able to follow the latest trends imposed by the fashion world.

Part of a limited collection

This unique wristwatch model that betrays the status symbol of the owner is part of a limited collection of luxury watches.

Product photo in 360 °


The tastefully styled top-quality watch has an unusual strap in the shape of a bracelet on which there is a specially designed dial that gives this watch a special note of elegance.

Sturdy and resistant

The Morena watch is made in a combination of metal with reinforced hardlex glass, which makes it very strong and durable. Even the clumsy will not easily destroy it.

Comfortable and adjustable strap

The strap has no buckle and looks like a bracelet that adapts to the shape and size of your wrist.

Perfect for all occasions

The Morena watch is extremely modern and suitable for any occasion. You just can`t go wrong with it. No matter what you wear, with it, any combination will be a complete hit.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

With him on my wrist I feel elegant and refined, and the belt reminds me of old jewelry worn by Cleopatra :)

Lauren - Dublin

I did not regret at any time :)

Sarah - Kilkenny

I have it and I am very satisfied, it is beautiful :)

Rebecca - Waterford

Luxury women`s watch Morena

An impressive watch of original and unusual design that shows all the innovation of modern watchmaking. Material: Metal alloy

73.98€ 36.99€

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customers recommend!

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Morena is a modern watch of luxury design with a metal strap that looks like a bracelet without a buckle.

Time setting:

Remove the protective plastic from the crown. Pull out the crown and rotate it to set the correct time. When you set the time, return the crown to the home position.


Metal alloy, hardlex glass




1 x Morena hour




73.98€ 36.99€

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