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Eau de Parfum Livera

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Add a scent of mystery wherever your adventures take you! Seductive blend of fruity and floral notes create recognizable odor that will put you in the spotlight 🌟

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It leaves an alluring scent throughout the day

The refreshing scent of this perfume water will taste every passer-by and stay on the skin for hours! It will be felt even after showering.

Gorgeous blend of fruits, vanilla and rose notes

The fresh and feminine note in the heart of this perfume water brings to your neck an effective and luxurious scent that knocks you off your feet!

A balanced formula of fragrant notes

The passionate blend of notes captivates with its tenderness and layering. Gives a special fragrant stamp on all occasions.

No feeling of heaviness on the skin and in the nose

At the heart of this fragrance are irresistible fragrant notes that do not seem suffocating!




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