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Modern trimmer Leeroy

Shape your hairstyle, beard and get rid of unwanted facial hair safely and easily with one compact device.


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Precise shaping of beard, hair and trimming of body hair

Now you can easily define and maintain a personal look and nurture it at home or on the go.

Edit your hairstyle quickly and easily

By simply changing the extension, you can style your hair or trim the protruding hairs using just one device.

Remove unwanted facial hair

Trim your chin with a premium high-precision trimmer that easily adapts to facial contours.

Smooth trimming

The trimmer blades are gentle on the skin, so you can gently remove hair from sensitive areas such as the armpits.

Easy to clean

The mini brush ensures quick and easy cleaning of the rest of the hair that stays on the trimmer. With regular maintenance, the life of the trimmer will be longer.

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3x  19€ /pcs.

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Forget about going to the hairdresser and making an appointment

At all times, be prepared to enchant with the look without going to the hairdresser.

Save money on hairdressers

Shape your hairstyle or beard exactly to your liking at home and forget about misunderstandings with hairdressers and barbers. You pay once and every day you can have a free haircut and trimming at home!

Experiment with new hairstyles

A set of extensions of different lengths gives versatility to this trimmer and more opportunities to experiment with hairstyles.

No irritation after shaving and haircut

Red marks on the skin after leaving the hair salon are a thing of the past. The blades of this trimmer prevent scratches and irritations.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I bought it because of my beard because I don`t really like to shave, and I can shape it exactly the way I want

Jack - Kilkenny

Now I`m the hairdresser on duty in the house, I cut my own hair and both sons: D The woman still doesn`t dare: D

Ryan - Cork

It helps me to overcome the period between two visits to the hairdresser or while I`m waiting for an appointment, so I shorten my hair a little so that I don`t look neglected

Sean - Dundalk

Recommended by professional hairdressers
  • Precise
  • For chin and hair
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable battery

An essential accessory for grooming at home

At all times, look neat and neatly trimmed without constantly going to the hairdresser.






Leeroy is a professional trimmer for arranging hair, beard and shortening hair on other parts of the body.

Number of extensions:


Extension size:

1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm

Power type:



Charge the trimmer before use or simply plug it into an outlet. Select the extension of the desired size. Then start shortening and styling your hair, beard and hair in other places.


The trimmer blades are not dangerous and cannot cut you. For even greater safety, put on an attachment that prevents direct contact between the skin and the blade.


The trimmer is not waterproof and do not use it in the shower.


After each use, clean the trimmer of accumulated hair to prevent clogging of the blades.


Stock: Available

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Delivery within 1 to 2 days

Free and quick delivery

Package: Leeroy


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