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A necklace of unique workmanship with a pendant of the unique position of the stars of your zodiac sign will be your amulet and a signpost for a happy life.

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An amulet that will always be with you

The minimalist necklace with a pendant carries a beautiful symbolism of love and progress. Personalize your style with this elegant and popular piece of jewelry inspired by the secrets of the cosmos.

Jewelry with a special meaning

Forget about wearing plain jewelry without any meaning. This necklace will have your energy and meaning especially just for you.

A pledge of longevity

Thanks to its durability and quality, you will wear it for a long time to fill your life with only beautiful events.

Win the favor of the stars

Your constellation and your zodiac sign are your guardians - with this necklace your life will be filled with success and progress for a long time.

It carries its own uniqueness

A beautiful precision necklace with your personal astro stamp. Powerful protection and helper to bring happiness to life.

A personalized talisman of great power

The lovely necklace is decorated with a pendant that emphasizes your spirit, carries your energy and provides protection from negative energy, just for you

It attracts happiness and positive energy

Wear a constellation that defines you and your zodiac sign to always attract only happiness and positive energy and protection from adverse events

Superior shine and artistic pendant

A modern and irresistible necklace for an elegant look! The superior shine of the gold-colored necklace and artistic pendants attract all eyes

Your stars are coming to the rescue

Positive energy will accompany you whenever you wear it. It will encourage you to take action, and at the same time bring you a sense of calm and balance

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Necklace with powerful astrological symbols ♈ will be your amulet and will give you strength and inspiration during challenging situations ⭐ Material: Zinc alloy
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Technical specifications:


Estella is a necklace with a zodiac sign pendant that will be your amulet wherever you go.

Jewelry type:

Necklace with pendant

Pendant type:

Zodiac sign


Zinc alloy

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