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SplitPro - Wood splitting tool

The economical tool makes it the easiest wood splitter to date


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More effective than an ax

There are simpler techniques than chopping wood with an ax. With this innovative tool you will quickly forget about the ancient ways of splitting wood.

No more muscle inflammation

Chopping wood doesn’t have to be hard physical work after which your whole body hurts. No more sweating, exhaustion and calluses on your hands than an ax.

No fear of injury

The wood splitting tool makes you feel safer than when using a dangerous chainsaw or table saw, so splitting wood is no longer stressful.

No additional costs

Three different grips allow easy and quick installation on different types of drills and cordless screwdrivers that everyone has, so there is no need to buy special tools.

You can now use the time for other things

Chopping wood is no longer an all-day job you have to plan and give up your precious time.

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3x  16€ /pcs.

Incredible ease of use

Simply chop wood in one go by pressing the button of an electric drill or screwdriver.

You don’t have to rely on the help of others

Splitting a large amount of wood now you can easily do completely alone in an instant.

Easily portable and always at hand

You no longer have to think about how to transport bulky wood splitters because this tool takes up very little space.

Reliable camping help

You don’t have to worry about freezing on camping or staying hungry. Slice wood for firewood or barbecue effortlessly.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I used to have to transport a circular saw when I cut wood for someone and I depended on someone else`s help, but now I can do everything myself and do more work, which means higher earnings.

Adam - Waterford

I don`t hate chopping wood anymore

Conor - Kilkenny

We don`t have to wait an eternity for a barbecue in nature to be ready, and I don`t listen anymore, we`re hungry, you haven`t chopped wood yet, why isn`t the fire burning, etc.

John - Bray

I chop all the wood faster now than when I was chopping with an axe.

Sean - Newbridge

Quality and always reliable splitting tool
  • No additional maintenance, such as sharpening an ax
  • You don`t have to have incredible strength to use it
  • Effective on different types of wood
  • Can be used either where
  • For professional and recreational use

Tool made of special stainless steel with coating

A combination of perfect material, design and wide application.






A wood splitting tool that mounts quickly and splits any wood in seconds.


40Cr steel and stainless coating




Hexagon handle, square handle, round handle, wood splitting attachment


Handle the tool carefully using both hands, at a safe distance from other people.


After use, remove wood residues with a dry cloth.


Always check that the tool is fully secured before use.


When out of use, store the tool in a dry and safe place, out of reach of children.


Stock: Available

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Payment method: Cash on delivery

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