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Adjustable neoprene belt Wetox

The best way to make exercise more productive and your body more comfortable than ever.

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Shape your belly without strenuous exercise and starvation

The revolutionary belt helps you get the results you want with less effort.


It is made of a material that adheres perfectly to the body and which creates a special environment that encourages sweating as in a sauna.


It allows your body to breathe so you won’t have the feeling of it constantly squeezing you around your waist.


You can wear it every day even under your clothes because it is completely invisible so no one will know the secret of your results.


It is guaranteed to stay in place even while you do training and other demanding physical activities.

It makes your exercise effective

Neoprene fibers cause the effect of increased sweating which affects exercise results.

Improves exercise results

Innovative crafting technology helps encourage your body to work faster and expend energy, which can result in better post-workout results.

Leads to an ideal line without starvation

The sauna effect works even while you are at rest, so you can wear it while relaxing, watching TV or enjoying the company of loved ones.

Stimulates the excretion of toxins through sweat

It is made with a focus on a special technology that creates a sauna effect and thus helps to expel the accumulated excess water and toxins.

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Encourage the removal of retained fluids and shape the abdomen without side effects! 😍🤩 Materials: 70% neoprene, 20% nylon, 10% polyester
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Technical specifications:


Wetox is a comfortable belt with a spa effect that is placed around the waist and encourages sweating for a better exercise effect.


70% neoprene, 20% nylon, 10% polyester

Belt length:

100 cm

Belt width:

20 cm

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