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Verso - Analog-to-digital converter

It`s now easy to transfer recordings from old tapes and devices to your computer or phone! Just select the right connector and store the materials from the cassette or camcorder permanently.

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Save precious recorded moments on modern devices

Quickly and easily download video and audio recordings from old cassettes or devices to your mobile phone or computer. This small device connects to devices and converts analog tracks to digital tracks.


Enjoy better image quality

In addition to enjoying old recordings again - without a VCR or other device that is no longer in use - enjoy better quality recordings.

One device instead of multiple cables

One device, four cable connectors and another additional USB cable. In the package you get everything you need to transfer analog recordings from any device to digital form.

Compact and easy to store

The device is small and compact, does not take up much space and is easy to store unlike ordinary cables that are always tangled and somehow lost.

Quality workmanship

Quality workmanship guarantees a long service life of this device.

Product photo in 360 °

For transfer from camcorders, security cameras and old cassettes

Verso The device consists of a USB port and several cables for different devices so you can use it to transfer data from camcorders, cassettes, DVDs and other devices.

Shortens the time to convert analog content to digital content

All you have to do is plug the appropriate cable into the device you want to remove the materials from. On the other hand, plug the USB port into the device to which you are transferring material. The process will be completed quickly and easily.

Easy to use without complications

You no longer have to carry analog materials to professionals to convert them to digital. Verso The device is so easy to use that anyone can use it.

You can watch old recordings again

Watch and listen to old recordings that will take you back in time, elicit a smile and remind you of beautiful moments.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I can finally watch videos from the period when my children were small. I can’t wait to transfer everything to the computer.

Sean - Ennis

It`s very easy to use. I ordered for Grandpa, once I showed him how to use it and that’s it.

Rachel - Dublin

Great thing, I ordered on a friend`s recommendation. Thank you.

Conor - Newbridge

Analog to digital converter

Now its easy to save video and audio from VHS, VCR directly to a computer hard drive! Just choose the right connector and permanently store materials from cassettes or video camera🌟

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Verso is a device for converting analog records to digital records.


Plastic, alloy


75 g

Supported video formats:

DVD +/- R / RW, DVD +/- VR and DVD-Video




51.98€ 25.99€

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