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Tacker - A set of 240 rivets

An ultra-practical set of rivets will keep your car or motorcycle in excellent condition. An amazing selection of shapes and sizes to meet all your needs.

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All essential sizes in one box

240 rivets come in this set. In the Tacker set, you get 12 different sizes that are most commonly used.

Feel safer driving

Road safety is paramount. Well-attached parts of your vehicle will give you vehicle stability and driving safety.

Save time and money

Constantly buying rivets and going to the auto parts store is a thing of the past. With this set you get 240 pieces that will always be at hand and you will always be ready to work.

Guaranteed long-term use

This set is made of high quality plastic and nylon, which make them durable and long lasting. They will not break or crack easily and are corrosion resistant.

Neat and clean work area

The bandages are housed in a sturdy and well-organized box. There will be no more rivets scattered around you as you work nor will you lose them around the garage or workshop.

Product photo in 360 °

Get rid of unpleasant sounds

Forget about rattles and annoying sounds while driving. Tacker The kit will make all the interior and exterior of your vehicle impeccably strong and stable.

Set them up effortlessly

The sizing of the rivets is extremely precise, and you will be able to install them effortlessly with the help of riveting pliers. The material is strong and very flexible so it does not break easily.

Universal professional range

Not only can you use them for cars and motorcycles, but also for connecting panel rims, door couplings, door panel clasps, fenders and bumpers.

They are removed and changed in the blink of an eye

In the set, you will get a suitable screwdriver with which you will quickly and easily remove rivets without causing them any damage.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I`m really excited about this set. The price is more than affordable for the quantity and quality of the turns, and it arrived at my door just 2 days after ordering.

Rachel - Drogheda

I own a forestry company and own jeeps of various models. This set helped me a lot with replacing the existing bends on both models. The set is very practical because they are versatile and always at hand.

Ryan - Swords

The quality is exceptional for the price paid. The rivets are strong, long-lasting and do not break easily.

Jack - Galway

Set of 240 rivet fasteners Tacker

🚗 Large set of pin rivet fasteners clips to keep your car or motorcycle in great shape! Amazing selection of shapes and sizes to meet your every need 🔩

57.98€ 28.99€

1x  28.99€ /pcs.

2x  19€ /pcs.

3x  16€ /pcs.

customers recommend!

More than 95% of customers rated this product as "great"!

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Tacker is a set of 240 rivets.


PE, PVC plastic, nylon


For holes sizes from 6.4 mm to 10 mm.


240 pieces



57.98€ 28.99€

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