Nano HD cam - A miniature camera

Superb miniature camera with wide shooting angle, HD resolution and excellent technical features.

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Superb miniature camera with wide shooting angle, HD resolution and excellent technical features.
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Protect your home and your loved ones

With Nano HD cam you can protect your valuables. The camera is set up quickly and easily, which means you can protect yourself, your family and your home in a simple move.

It doesn`t miss a thing

It contains a high-quality motion detector technique. It can record any movement and it automatically saves the recorded material every 5 minutes without compromising the quality thanks to advanced compression technology.

It records supreme quality videos

It records high-quality videos and allows you to easily transfer all the content to your computer via a USB port.

It records at night

This perfect mini camera records high-quality photos even at night or in dark conditions.

Wide application

Mini Nano HD cam is very practical and flexible. In addition to recording, it also captures high-quality photos. You can use it as a security camera, for indoor and outdoor application. It is also suitable as a baby monitor, a car camera or a drone camera.

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