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MiniCuci - Mini sewing kit

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With this mini sewing set you will patch holes, sew a button or cut threads whenever you need!

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Hem and sew each piece of clothing on your own

The compact set contains everything you might need to quickly repair clothes or textiles. Quickly sew or hem any piece of clothing at any time!

Clearly and neatly organized

At a glance, you will find what you need to quickly repair your torn clothes. Everything is packed in a practical bag and ready for "emergency interventions".

Without throwing money at tailoring services

Patch a hole, pull in an elastic band or attach a button to your toddler’s clothes. Solve in a few strokes small repairs for which the tailors take too much money.

At hand at all times

Don`t let the fallen button or sewn hem surprise you! Made of solid and lightweight material, this set fits in any purse and doesn’t take up much space.



31.98€ 15.99€

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