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Irily – 5 pieces ear cleaning tool

Tools that will effectively remove the buildup of earwax. All those 5 pieces will individually help you to keep your ears clean and healthy. Material: Stainless steel

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Removes the earwax right away

These tools are much different from standard sticks for cleaning ears. They do not push the earwax down further, with just one step your ears will be clean.

From cleaning to massaging your ear canals

These tools have multiple purposes, they will gently clean all places of your ears. The tool that is rounded at the end will gently massage your ear canal.

Get rid of itching in the ear canal

Itching in the ears can be very annoying since you can not reach it with your fingers or cotton sticks. A tool with the spiral design from this box will relieve any itching from the ear canal.

Useful for the whole family

With a gentle design and approach, tools can be used by the whole family. You can clean the ears of your younger children, but make sure they are not playing with the tools by themselves.

5 pieces of accessories made of top quality material

Contains 5 tools that will provide you with efficient cleaning. You can find a brush for cleaning the tools, ear spoon, narrow ear spoon, ear pick with spring, and spiral ear pick for removing the ear wax.

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The gentle approach to the ear canal

Ears are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. These tools will provide the most gentle approach to the ear canal and give you the painless cleaning of your ears.

Different designs for a variety of uses

Each piece is designed with a smooth and rounded surface to prevent any irritation or scratching ear canal. It safely removes earwax, dry skin, and dirt from the ear canal.

Deep cleaning without danger

With these tools, you can thoroughly clean your ears. What this means is that every part of ear wax will be out, and you will be one step away from clogged ears.

Anti-slip and adjustable handles

These tools have anti-slip handles that will perfectly adjust to your palm size, and will not slip out while you clean your ears.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Really great tools! Super easy to clean and the handle is steady which is handy when I clean my kid`s ears.

Sarah - Bray

I was amazed at how much wax those tools got out of my ears. I would highly recommend this set.

Jack - Kilkenny

Irily is super gentle, my kids enjoy cleaning ears now. But before I bought it was madness and crying.

John - Swords

Irily – 5 pieces ear cleaning tool

Tools that will effectively remove the built-up earwax. These 5 pieces will help you to keep ears clean. Material: Stainless steel

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Tools for gentle ear cleaning


stainless steel




14.5 x 2.5 cm



45.98€ 22.99€

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