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Clippix - Nail and cuticle set

Nail shaping and cuticle removal has never been easier! Easily shape and cut nails on hands and feet, precisely trim cuticles or thickened and ingrown nails.

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Precise and safe nail cutting

Forget rough nail clippers and blunt and awkward scissors! Clippix is all you need to cut even the roughest nails precisely, safely and easily!


Cutting nails without discomfort

There is no need to pay for a manicure just for someone else to precisely shape your nails. Now you can do it easily and accurately in your home!

Comfortable, fast and easy

Classic nail clippers often dull quickly and become quite uncomfortable to use. Clippix is designed to give you the most enjoyable nail cutting experience.

Precise, secure blade

Forget about awkward scissors and snacks! Clippix smoothly cuts nails and cuticles in just a few moments. An ergonomic handle with a double spring for pressure control will help you control every movement of the scissors.

Made to last

Clippix The blade is made of solid steel, which means it will last you for years. The ergonomic handle of the scissors is made of high quality plastic. All this means that in the coming years you will save on the purchase of new scissors.

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For nails and cuticles

Solid and precise Clippix scissors have multiple uses. They are great for delicate work like regular nail shaping on your hands. But that`s not all! They provide useful help in repairing ingrown toenails, as well as easy removal of irritating cuticles.

Precision blade

The specially designed blade allows precise cutting at an angle. Due to its length, it easily reaches awkward places, such as ingrown toenails. The pressure control springs provide perfect control of the Clippix scissor blade movement.

Ergonomic handle

The design of the handle Clippix scissors provides excellent non-slip control. This means that you can safely and precisely cut your nails or cuticles, without fear of accidental injury. This is especially useful in the case of thickened and hard nails, as well as sensitive actions such as arranging ingrown nails.

It fits in every kit

Clippix scissors and a nail clipper come in a small package that fits in any kit. This makes this set great for travel, and the choice of 3 colors makes it a cute and useful tool for any family.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I was literally unaware of how dull my old scissors were until I got Clippix a gift! I am very satisfied. Not only does it shape nails perfectly, but it is a lifeline for cuticles!

Rebecca - Cork

Salvation for ingrown nails! I used to struggle because I couldn`t solve the problem with ordinary scissors, so I went to a pedicurist. No need now, Clippix he`s really doing the job!

Jack - Drogheda

I work as a waitress and my cuticles kill me! I often bite them off, so I create a worse problem. But since I have Clippix, I`ve been carrying it in my bag all the time and it really saved me from everyday torment!

Megan - Limerick

Functional set for nails and cuticles

Trimming and shaping nails has never been easier! ✅ Made to shorten even the hardest nails effortlessly and irritating cuticles! 💅

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2 in 1 set for nails and cuticles


Steel, high quality plastic


blue, pearl pink, black


5.2 x 12.5 cm




49.98€ 24.99€

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