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Celestial - a unique astro necklace

The unique necklace in the pendant carries the unique position of the stars of your zodiac sign, which is a signpost for a happy life.

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Celestial The necklace, different from the others, carries a constellation that defines you and your zodiac sign that emphasizes your uniqueness.


Your unique piece of jewelry

It creates an intimate connection with the positive forces and your constellations and thus renews and harmonizes your life energy.

Personalized jewelry with a magical glow

The unique personalized necklace shows the unchanged position of the stars at the time of your birth. At night it changes color and radiates a magical glow.

Jewelry with a special meaning

Forget about wearing industrially produced jewelry without any meaning. This necklace carries the energy of your sign that has a special meaning for you.

It emphasizes your uniqueness

Unique, special and jewelry with meaning is more beautiful than expensive and impersonal jewelry. Wear jewelry that highlights your uniqueness because it won’t fit anyone like you.

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A strong protective amulet

A unique necklace with a two-piece pendant, an ornamented crescent and a round plate that carries the position of the stars of your sign, is a strong protective amulet for a positive and relaxed attitude in life.

It brings calm and balance

Her positive energy will follow you always and everywhere. It will encourage you to take action and at the same time bring you a sense of calm and balance.

It turns the stars in your favor

The stars will be in your favor with this necklace and fill your life with beautiful events.

It guarantees a fulfilled life

Thanks to its durability and quality, you will wear it for a long time, so your life will be filled with success and progress for a long time!

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The necklaces have arrived for me and my child, thank you from the bottom of my heart. They are beautiful and the feeling is irreplaceable.

Rachel - Dundalk

Beautiful necklace, since I have it, I feel great. I’m skeptical by the way, but this necklace thrilled me.

Sarah - Ennis

It is very beautiful and modern. I like to wear jewelry that makes me feel like he found me, not me him.

Rebecca - Carlow

Celestial - A unique astro necklace

An enchanting piece of jewelry with a unique star position for each sign and magical properties at night.

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Metal with silver coating, glass


Celestial is an elegant necklace with a two-part pendant and an astrological symbol. It consists of an ornamented crescent and polished glass in which the position of the stars is shown.

Necklace length:

45 cm

Pendant dimensions:

2 cm x 4 cm


1 x Celestial necklace




45.98€ 22.99€

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