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An energized bracelet with powerful symbols

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Attract happiness with a unique bracelet engraved with ancient Tibetan mantras. It is made of obsidian which is thought to attract positive energy and thoughts.

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It shows the way to a happy life 🌟

With it, you will get rid of the bad luck that accompanies you and embrace the joy and abundance of success in all the fields it will bring you.

An amulet worn by the successful and the rich

Bracelets with a Pi Xiu figurine are very popular among successful entrepreneurs who wear them as an amulet of victory, but also to protect them from losing money.

Get rid of negative energy

The bracelet is made of black Obsidian beads. This stone is considered the ultimate protection against negative energy that will not disturb your plans and peace.

Strong energy action

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone of creativity and self-control. Its energy is believed to provide support to the wearer, especially during difficult times.




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