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Stoppy - Set of 4 anti-slip washers for washing machine

An extremely practical way to prevent vibration and slipping of the washing machine or dryer! Reduce noise and ensure the proper functioning of your devices with this functional set.


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Prevents slipping and keeps the washing machine properly aligned

Strong plastic and silicone with anti-slip properties will keep your washing machine in place and due to the intensive work of the centrifuge.

Absorbs annoying noise

The innovative design of the pads successfully absorbs the noise of your devices and furniture. The feet of the device rest on a lattice surface that distributes sounds evenly.

Easier room cleaning

Washers lift the appliances, making the space under the appliances and furniture more accessible. You will simply reach blind spots and pick up dust, debris and water under your device.

A more peaceful dream for your family and pets

The strong suction bottom of the pads will not allow the washing machine to shake and produce an unbearable noise that will wake up your family and disturb your pets.

Long-term use

The production of these pads uses first-class plastic from the automotive industry, which is resistant to wear and frequent use. It is guaranteed to exceed the life of the device it protects.

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1x  13.99€ /pcs.

Top choice

2x  10€ /pcs.

3x  9€ /pcs.

No scratches on the floor from furniture and appliances

The soft silicone edges adhere gently to the floor, without scratching or damaging it. Pads will be a great protection for even the most sensitive parquet.

They can withstand heavy loads well

High-quality pad materials can withstand a load of up to 1 ton. Place them under the shelves in the garage where you place heavy tools and construction materials.

Exceptional furniture stability

It will adapt to the unevenness of the floor thanks to its circular and flexible shape, making the furniture stand straight. No worries set your grandmother’s crystal glasses for her next birthday, everything will stay in place.

Easy installation

There are no additional levers or screws on the tiles that need to be fastened. Just place them on the floor and lift the appliances or furniture on them.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these washers have changed my life! My washing machine no longer jumps around the bathroom and I sleep peacefully at night.

Rebecca - Dublin

We recently put new floors in the house. I bought them for every shelf and table, and I didn’t regret it. There are no scratches on the floor.

Megan - Kilkenny

I use them in my workshop to line up massive wooden work tables. I am extremely pleased.

Daniel - Dundalk

Great if you have an older washing machine that shakes during operation.

Sarah - Ennis

Complete protection of appliances, furniture and floors
  • Protects against wear and damage
  • Stabilizes appliances and furniture
  • Reduces vibrations and shocks
  • Absorbs noise and sounds of appliances
  • Useful throughout the household

Compatible with most large home appliances

Thanks to their universal inside diameter, you will use washers for the washing machine, refrigerator or tumble dryer.






Stoppy is a 4-piece set of anti-slip mats for appliances and furniture, which prevents them from moving.


ABS plastic, silicone

Inner diameter:

4.7 cm


4 x anti-slip washer for washing machine Stoppy


Although the product is made of quality materials, it is advisable to handle it carefully to avoid damage.


If the set gets dirty, wipe it with a soft damp cloth.


The kit must not be cleaned with abrasives or chemicals.


When out of use, it is recommended to store the product in a dry and safe place, out of reach of children, pets and a direct heat source.


Stock: Available

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