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Nirva - Mantra ring

This spiritual ring is a powerful talisman that invites wellbeing into your home or workplace. The engraved six-syllabled mantra brings happiness, and positivity to its wearer . Material: Copper


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Feel energized day after day

The ring helps improve the energy flow in your body and mind. As long as you wear this ring, you will feel energized and empowered.

Inscribed mantra for protection

The Feng Shui ring is enriched with many ancient symbols to boost the power of the mantra. Your chanting will be more fruitful when repeating the mantra on this ring.

Two adaptable models

The ring is made adjustable so that it fits great on any finger. Choose between the ring with larger diameter intended for men or the exactly same ring just with small diameter for women.

Ideal for meditation

Brings balance of energy, calms the mind and allows you to feel at one with the universe. Wearing this ring will help you enter a deeper state of meditation.

Protects against negative thoughts

By boosting the good energy in your body and soul, the ring acts as a shield from the negativity within you and the negative vibrations around you. Now you`ll better channel the ring`s mantra.

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Brings the desired tranquillity

Repeat the mantra or the self-affirming statements that give you the strength and confidence to face the world. This ring is your way to focus your intentions and empower your mind.

Invite good change into your life

Choose to think and feel positive, and your life will transform shortly! Remember to repeat the mantra over and over again when touching this ring — and don’t be surprised when you start to see a big change.

For love, work and progress

Although the ring was primarily made for yoga and meditation, it can do so much more. Create your own mantra and transform your love life, your economic situation or your position in the world of business.

Eastern wisdom in your service

The mighty ring is excellent option to create an environment for bigger and brighter things in your life. Hundreds of years of Eastern spirituality have brought these sacred inscriptions.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

My life has been positively changing.

Rachel - Dublin

It`s seriously keeping all the negative energy away.

Ellen - Newbridge

Expensive look, I like the quality and it fits well.

Adam - Galway

Harness positive energy
  • Invites positivity in your life
  • Helps to calm your mind
  • Focuses your thought to wellbeing and abundance
  • Helps with meditation
  • High quality ring in adjustable size

Replace stress and distraction with focus and progress

Use this ring to strengthen your daily mantra and achieve your goals. By touching the spiritual ring, you`ll better channel the universal energy to shield you from bad luck and open the path to enlightenment and good fortune.






 Mantra ring.




With diameter of 20mm, and diameter of 22mm


Men`s - 9 mm, women`s - 8 mm


 The product can be cleaned with cloth, dry or damp.


Although the product is made of quality material, careful handling is advised to avoid damage.


The ring poses risk of suffocation if swallowed by children or pets.


When not wearing the ring, store in a safe and dry place away from open flames, heat sources, direct sunlight, and out of the reach of pets and small children.


Stock: Available

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