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Professional pastry set MrCakesie

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Flawless desserts like from the windows of famous confectioneries that guests and family will eat with a look!

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With this top set, create perfect decorations without borders and turn every dessert into a work of art. Perfect your confectionery talent with a revolutionary decorating set that will make cakes and pastries unforgettable, and you a masterchef. The set contains 137 extensions for making roses, fondant processing, decorating bags, extensions for decorating bags and other props.

Even if you don't have enough experience, there is no room for error with MrCakesie. The decorations will look perfect every time, and your family and guests will be delighted. With minimal effort, make top-quality desserts that no one will be able to resist!

The MrCakesie set significantly shortens decorating time and saves ingredients and money. With the help of these props, the decorations succeed on the first try. Forget about throwing ingredients and failed decorations. A special set of confectionery accessories creates edible decorations worthy of admiration, without clumsy moves and mistakes in decorating.

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