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Lautxon - Automobile siren with microphone

Can be heard for kilometers away, loudly and clearly

Average rating 4.9/5
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    Practical way to stay safe on the road
    • Loud and clear
    • Different types of siren sound
    • One click to talk
    • Easy setup
    • Can be used on different vehicles
  • 1 year warranty
  • Payment upon delivery
43.98€ Offer -50% = 21.99€

The siren that can be heard for kilometres away, loudly and clearly

This siren is suitable for any vehicle since it connects to the plug in the car. You can install it in a car, RV, boat, truck, jeep...

Your voice can be heard outside the vehicle via the handheld microphone. This function is super convenient for emergency situation on roads or water.

The set comes with mounting brackets and it is easily installed. It is made of premium material that is durable and will provide long-lasting usage.

Extra loud and efficient emergency situation alarm

Can be used on large vehicles

This powerful siren is suitable for large vehicles such as trucks, jeeps or buses! It is also convenient for use on boats, as its loud sound allows you to communicate on large distances.

Clear and easy communication

It has high sound purity which will allow you to communicate your message or call for help clearly and easily. Mount it in your vehicle and feel relaxed while driving or spending time outdoors.

Works even in harsh weather conditions

Durable plastic makes this siren suitable for use even during rain or snow. It will function even in extreme weather conditions, thanks to its smart design and good-quality manufacturing.


  • Siren with microphone
  • 7 different sounds
  • For promotional activities
  • Loud and clear sound
  • For all types of vehicles
Other products
  • No microphone
  • 1 sound type
  • Only 1 function
  • Indistinct sound
  • Incompatible with different vehicles

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Very loud. Box came without any dents, packaged perfectly!!!


Perfect sound!


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  • 1 siren with the microphone
  • 1 bracket
  • 3 screws
  • 1 adhesive patch
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