A device that makes your ride safe and comfortable

Magnetic mobile phone holders are the best combination of safety, comfort and stability for your mobile phone and you while driving.

Their installation is simple, does not require additional tools or expertise. They can be placed anywhere, in just a few steps.

They are the best way to insure your family on the road, but also other road users. It also saves you money because you won’t pay fines for using your cell phone while driving.

MagnetiX {Magnetic mobile phone holder, according to user experience, is one of the best holders you can find on the market. There are two main reasons for this: the cell phone stays in place even on the most rugged mountain roads and doesn’t block your view while driving.

How does it work MagnetiX?

MagnetiX allows you to answer your cell phone without looking away from the road. Your mobile phone will be attached to a strong N45 magnet, which guarantees its stability even when driving on macadam.

Additionally, its small dimensions - 24 x 60 x 18 mm, make it perfect for installation in any car, anywhere. It has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, and you will use it without bending and twisting the door. Rotate it horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

Treat yourself to peace and comfort during long and short car rides. MagnetiX makes in-car telephony safe and easy.

>> Answer calls with one click <<

This super secure mobile phone holder is your best choice. Here are just a few important and practical reasons:

Holds the phone firmly - The phone is protected from bumps and breakages

It is set in a few strokes - you do not need additional tools or special skills

It can be placed at any angle and in any position - you will have a comfortable position while driving

The mobile phone stays at your fingertips - there is no turning back and wasting time

It has a modern and minimalist design - it will fit perfectly and ennoble the interior of your four-wheeler

No more losing on unknown paths

The main purpose of the holder, in addition to making calls, is to easily track navigation and GPS. MagnetiX provides full visibility of cell phone screens and navigation. The screen will not block the handles of the holder, and you can adjust the viewing angle by lightly pressing the phone. With one hand you will be able to zoom in and out on the navigation and change the location.

In addition to a modern look that will beautify the interior of your car, it is also characterized by top quality workmanship. It is made of solid materials that guarantee long-term use without wear. It is important to emphasize that its adhesive backing will not damage the interior of your vehicle, while providing strong and solid support to the holder and the mobile phone.

This practical holder allows you to fully focus on the road and driving, thus reducing the risk of accidents. It is the best solution, especially if you have children in the car, to whom you can play cartoons to entertain them while driving.

>> Horizontal or vertical - it's your choice! <<

What do satisfied customers say?

“Extremely practical device! We have been using it in our cars for six months now and it serves us great, just like on the first day. "

"It's worth the money spent. The glue of the holder is stable and strongly adheres to the control panel, which surprised me. I drive a truck on hilly roads and it serves me great, the phone is safe regardless of the roads and driving. A warm recommendation to all those who need to use the phone while driving a car or other means of transport. "

"The phone stays in place, the angle is extremely easy to adjust, with one press of the holder. The phone does not slip, because the magnet is extremely strong. We put them on the seats so we could play cartoons for the little ones during the long rides. No more screaming and arguing, we all travel relaxed and get everywhere faster, because we don't have to stop unnecessarily. "

Is it worth buying MagnetiX?

In addition to all the above advantages, this magnetic phone holder has another to boast of - it is affordable for everyone's pocket!

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